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March 13, 2012

Don’t Let Interac Force you to Resign

Category: Interac,The Law – Author: エリック – 11:56 PM

It seems that around this time every year, people in the Interac office attempt to save another few yen at the expense of the people that are actually out in the classroom doing all of the actual work. They call teachers into their office and attempt to force them to sign resignation papers.

DON’T let Intearc/Maxceed force you to sign anything that says you agree to non-renewals.
If they plan on non-renewing you, force them to do the honorable thing and actually fire you so that you can claim your unemployment benefits as you look for a new job.

Also, don’t forget that according to Japan’s Labor Standards law, you do have the right to fight your dismissal by an employer. This is a direct quote from the “Foreign Workers’ Handbook” published by the government that can be found here: (more…)