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June 4, 2012

Collective Bargaining demands over Interac drug testing

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Recently, management began testing ALTs for drugs in Interac offices with cheap saliva kits that anyone can buy online. We demanded collective bargaining over it to protect our members.

株式会社インタラック 御中
株式会社マクシード 御中全国一般東京ゼネラルユニオン

緊急団交申し入れ Emergency Request for CB

Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union (“Tozen”) and Zenkoku Ippan Tokyo General Union Tozen ALTs request emergency collective bargaining.  We have heard that you instructed your employees, including union members, to undergo drug testing.  The need for drug testing is not accepted for an ordinary employment relationship and drug testing of employees in general is accepted only in extreme circumstances.  We strongly oppose your casual testing of employees also in light of recent requirements to protect individual privacy, including the passage of Individual Information Law,   We therefore ask for cb with the agenda stated below.

1. 団交の日時・場所・議題  CB Date, Time, Venue, Agenda

場所:貴社内もしくは当組合の事務所   Venue: Company or union office
議題:下記の要求事項について   Agenda:  Following demands
2.   要求事項 Demands
1 会社は、従業員に対して実施した薬物検査を中止し、今後実施しないことを約束すること。
         Company cease drug testing of employees and commit to refraining from the practice in the future.
2 会社は、薬物検査を実施した従業員に対して文書で謝罪すること。
Company apologize in writing to tested employees.
3 会社は、下記の質問事項に対して文書で回答すること。
Company answer the following questions in writing.
◇質問事項  Questions
Explain the reason and objective of performing the tests.
Was the decision to conduct the tests made by the company autonomously or at the behest of school boards or schools?
Were the tests of ALTs or also other employees of the company?  Please give us the number of employees tested by each job type?
Did you make clear to employees that they had the right to accept or refuse the tests?
Explain what clinics conducted the tests and by what method?
What is company’s policy for those who refused the test?
4 会社は、本議題について当組合ならびに支部と協議し合意に至った内容について、労働協約を締結すること。
Company conclude a labor-management agreement with the union and local regarding this issue.以上

March 6, 2011

Renewal Time

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Hello all,

It is that time of year again! Time for the mad scramble of March when good teachers everywhere are worried if their contracts are going to be renewed or not, otherwise known as the “ALT Shuffle”. Two things you should be sure NOT to do:
1) Do NOT let your employer force you to sign resignation papers! You do not need to sign any such thing. If they do not have work for you, they should give you dismissal papers so that you can claim your unemployment benefits until you find your next job.
2) Do NOT let your employer threaten you into leaving your apartment. It does not matter whether your employer is your guarantor or not, you can pay your landlord directly. Tenant’s rights are strong in Japan, but they are non-existant if you do not claim them.

If you find yourself facing either of these situations, call your local union representative to report the harassment.

If you are not in a union, and would like to fight against these kinds of ill treatment, join a union and help improve the working conditions of Japan.


August 26, 2010

Interac banned from Osaka prefectural projects

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Cross posted from the General Union.
Let’s all work together for ALTs to be directly hired.
Interac has been found guilty of unfair labour practices by the Osaka Prefectural Labour Commission in July 2010 for refusing to hold collective bargaining with the General Union (full story here).

Osaka prefectural ordinances prevent companies found in violation of Trade Union Law from bidding on public projects. The General Union, along with allied unions from Osaka Union Network and Osaka Zenrokyo have submitted demands to the Governor of Osaka Prefecture, Toru Hashimoto, that Prefectural ordinances be enforced.

As a result, Osaka Prefecture has now informed all divisions of the prefectural government, including the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, that they may no longer enter into contracts with Interac. Furthermore, Osaka Prefecture has summoned Interac to explain the situation, placing further pressure on the company to obey the Trade Union Law and negotiate.

The union’s victory at the Labour Commission and its subsequent economic impact on Interac will go along way in making sure that not only Interac, but other employers trying to evade their legal obligations, negotiate with the union in the future.

July 5, 2010

Health Checks – They’re mandatory! Interac ordered to obey the law

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Cross-posted from the General Union in Osaka:

5 Jul 2010
Health Checks – They’re mandatory!
Interac ordered to obey the law

Industrial Health & Safety Act
For many westerners, the idea of a state mandated health check smacks of a nanny state, and we are often reluctant to submit to the tests. While not all companies obey this law, the fact remains it is compulsory for all employees to have an annual health check under article 66 of the act.